Info on our Halfway to Black Friday sale + June announcements!
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Halfway to Black Friday at = May 24th - 27th

Somewhere, a truck is currently transporting seven full pallets of releases to our warehouse. That's a lot of Blu-rays. But that's because our [in]famous Halfway to Black Friday Sale is just two weeks away. Can you believe it? Below is all the basic info you'll need about the sale, concisely laid out for your convenience:

• Sale will begin around 12:00am on Friday, May 24th
• 50% off nearly everything
• Two secret limited blu-rays will be unveiled
• The legendary ‘Halfway Package’ returns!
• Brand new merchandise
• VSA (you will have to wait and see…)
• and so much more!

Want a stress free Halfway to BF experience?

It's easy! Just pre-order our May Package and you are guaranteed to receive our two secret limited edition releases, in addition to MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL MASSACRE & SATAN'S SLAVE! Checkout the following link for more info:


June pre-orders will go live during the sale

In addition to all of that, our entire June lineup will be available for pre-order during the sale. So with no further suspense, here is it:

Robert Downey (a prince) Sr.'s masterpiece, PUTNEY SWOPE, makes its worldwide Blu-ray debut, presented from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science's stunning new 4k restoration of the film.

Then, from Baltimore, the unexpected capital of no-budget, high-ambition regional filmmaking, an unclassifiable gem mixing arthouse and 'grindhouse' aesthetics, John Huckert's seven year labor of love, THE PASSING hits Blu, featuring fresh interviews with its maverick creators, courtesy, in part, of Baltimore film aficionado, Bruce Holecheck of Cinema Arcana.

Plus, a film that metamorphosized for nearly a decade, between its initial photography and final cut, Tom Huckabee and Kent Smith's cinematic odessey (and first on screen role for Bill Paxton), TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN makes its official home video debut, freshly restored from its original negative and in its intended scope aspect ratio for the first time ever since its brief theatrical run.

Finally, Jeffrey Arsenault's grimy, post cinema of transgression ode to late 80s/early 90s East Village subcultures...and vampires...NIGHT OWL, comes to Blu-ray, giving you a unique opportunity to appreciate John Leguizamo's early career.
We'll see you on the 24th!