Black Friday 2019: one month warning - (important info inside)
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Only four weeks until Black Friday 2019 at

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Today marks exactly four weeks until our BLACK FRIDAY 2019 sale. We've been telling you that this year will mark the biggest such event in our history, and we aim to deliver.

If you didn't take advantage of either of our two flash pre-orders, you'll now have to wait until the sale itself to order TAMMY AND THE T-REX and the THE ANGEL COLLECTION. So you can plan ahead, however, here's a recap on what will be available.

TAMMY marks our first (hopefully of many) venture into the realm of 4k Ultra HD and will be available in two editions: our standard Blu-ray/DVD combo pack as well as a 4k UHD/Blu-ray combo pack. Both sets will include all of the same extra features as well as the limited 3D lenticular slipcover...while it lasts.

As part of yesterday's second and final flash pre-order, we formally announced what some of you had already guessed: that we're bringing to Blu-ray, freshly restored, the ANGEL trilogy, consisting of Robert Vincent O'Neil's 1983 classic as well as its two sequels, AVENGING ANGEL (1984) and ANGEL 3: THE FINAL CHAPTER (1988). Like our AMITYVILLE collection, the trilogy will be housed in a beautiful custom hard box, on three separate fully packaged Blu-rays. We're really thrilled to be able to present these long overdue on Blu exploitation gems to the world and we can assure you that you've never seen them look this good.

Now, for the real piece de resistance this (and every) Black Friday: the secret, surprise titles...We can barely contain our excitement. We use hyperbole a lot (and usually for just cause) but this time, no one will be able to deny that we've basically achieved the impossible with these titles**; they're the types of films you might have thought would never get restored, but we've done it. And they're stunning. So whether you dig 70s sleaze, 80s gore or, better still, both, you'll no doubt be overwhelmed and humbled when the big reveal finally happens.

** No, they are not Roger Watkins films.

OK, last on the agenda, if you're an avid reader on or on our increasingly argumentative Facebook fan page, we've been dropping hints on a handful of 2020 titles that we're excited for. Since the news drips out like an oozing pustule and can often get lost in the landslide of chatter on dreary skinemax movies or repetitive agonizing over whether we intend to stop releasing hardcore films (hint: we're not), here's as recap on what you might have missed:

Andrea Bianchi's trash-classic Exorcist ripoff, MALABIMBA will make its worldwide Blu-ray debut, sourced from or startalingly clear new 2K scan of the original negative, which is the fully uncut 98 minute version!

Carlos Puerto's (with a bit of help from Pieces director Juan Piquer Simón) tale of castle-bound satanic rituals, SATAN'S BLOOD, will be making its US Blu-ray debut in a brand new restoration, as part of one of several Euro horror themed box sets planned for next year.

Mario Azzopardi's never-on-disc Canuxploitation classic, DEADLINE, which includes, among other things, dismemberment by telepathic goat, will make its hotly anticipated Blu-ray debut. This one is easily among the films we're most excited for next year.

And lastly, John N. Carter's scuzzy tropical slasher, ZOMBIE ISLAND MASSACRE will be headed to Blu-ray perhaps as early as January. What a world to live in...

Remember, if you want to live the lazy life and guarantee these trashtacular delights, plus all the other goodies planned for 2020 (more of which will get revealed as we grow nearer to the sale), will be yours at a hefty discount, the only way to do so is to sign up and become a yearly subscriber. And the only way to do that is to purchase your 2020 subscription during the Black Friday Sale. Start pinching those pennies...

See you again next week with another massive update and some more 2020 announcements.

~Team VS